What Does Thermal Imaging Do For You?

Thermal imaging is a simple process that has multiple uses when it comes to home inspection. It doesn’t take too long and it’s non-invasive, meaning it won’t get in your way. Essentially what a thermal imaging device does is takes in infrared energy from the environment and present it on a screen like a digital camera. Cooler areas are represented in blue while warmer areas are represented in red allowing the user to see hot spots throughout the home even behind walls. Without this technology, home inspections would be much more difficult and take a lot longer. Keep reading to learn about all of the benefits of having a thermal imaging inspection in your home.

In part one of this blog, we’ll take a look at how thermal imaging works and the various types of devices.

How It Works

Thermal imaging devices or IR cameras use infrared video and still cameras to measure surface temperature. The device displays light from the heat spectrum and can reveal a whole bunch of things about your home. Thermal imaging inspections can be done on either the outside or the inside of your home, but interior thermal imaging tends to be the most accurate. Often times, home inspectors will use a blower door which exaggerates any air leaks in the home and makes them more easily detectable through the IR camera.

Types of IR Camera

There isn’t just one type of IR camera out there and your home inspector may choose one or another depending on what they’re trying to accomplish with the inspection.

Spot radiometers is one of the simplest thermographic inspection devices. It has a simple meter that shows the temperature of one spot at a time.

Thermal line scanners will show the user radiant temperature along a line. The thermogram will show temperature variations along the line.

Thermal imaging cameras are some of the most accurate and reliable thermographic devices on the market. They will show a lot more detail in the image and allow for an expanded range of uses in home inspections.

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