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When Do Issues Become Deal Breakers in a Home Inspection

Have you ever gone shopping for your dream car, only to find during the test drive that the ride is less than smooth or that the backseat is smaller than you first thought? Maybe there’s that unidentifiable squeak every time you start to accelerate; maybe the cockpit lights aren’t really your preferred color. But it’s […]

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The Cool Factor of Home Inspection

How cool is the concept of home inspection? Really. Think about it. How helpful would it be to have the advice and guidance that a home inspector delivers, in other aspects of your life? An inspector for other important decisions? A mentor whose sole purpose is to educate you about the product you are about to […]

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Foundation issues and negative grade in Westminster, Co

In almost every home that had foundation issues in Westminster, Co, were related to negative grade or missing downspouts. Ninety nine percent of foundation issues are related to water. Allowing water to pond near the foundation will saturate the soils, and can create pressure that pushes the foundation walls inward. Among other issues are moisture intrusion into the basement/crawlspace […]

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