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Why Is There Frost In My Attic?

Have you ever walked into your attic only to see a layer of frost covering the ceiling? The purpose of an attic is to separate your indoor air from the air from your roof and to provide your home with ventilation. So, why does frost form in your attic? The most probable cause of this […]

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Radon Gas In Colorado (Cancer Risk)

Lung Cancer From Radon Gas Denver, CO The Facts… Lung cancer kills thousands of Americans every year in Denver, Co and the United States. Smoking, radon, and secondhand smoke are the leading causes of lung cancer. Although lung cancer can be treated, the survival rate is one of the lowest for those with cancer. From […]

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Should Infrared Thermal Imaging Be Part Of Your Home Inspection?

The last thing you want to do is make a massive investment into what you think is the home of your dreams only to find out that there are major issues with the foundation or other essential features. New technologies like infrared thermal imaging aren’t necessarily part of the basic home inspection in Aurora, but […]

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When is that Wiring Issue a Real Problem?

Even in brand new homes, electrical issues can be uncovered during home inspections, and though any incongruence can create anxiety in a potential investor or homeowner, it is important to note that not all electrical issues present any danger. The trick is understanding which of those issues are actual problems and require immediate attention and which ones […]

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$99 Dollar Sewer Inspection Company Denver Colorado

Safe Investment Home Inspections now has the best sewer inspection specialist experienced  inspecting industrial, commercial, and residential sewer lines for owners and real estate agents around the state of Colorado. You can be confident that in hiring us to inspect your sewer line that you will get an unbiased, professional, detailed, and spot on sewer […]

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Denver Colorado Home Inspection Service Testimonials

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Colorado legislators propose HOA reform bills

Colorado legislators propose HOA reform bill The follow article concerns the Denver Home Inspection Industry State legislators on Wednesday introduced a bipartisan homeowner association reform package  designed to bring  homeowner associations and their  managers under state regulation. The legislation is primarily aimed at  holding HOA managers to stricter standards and reining in HOA’s debt-collection practices. […]

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The Dangers of Arc Flashes Denver, Co

This information was provided by InterNachi Denver, Co Home inspection is one largely unregulated industry whose professionals must nevertheless be aware of their safety and that of their clients at all times.  Part of this awareness is being mindful of one’s surroundings, which can be challenging because the “workplace” changes with every appointment.  Aside from […]

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Aluminum Wiring Hazards

Between approximately 1965 and 1973 aluminum wiring was sometimes substituted for copper branch circuit wiring in residential electrical systems. Neglected connections in outlets, switches and light fixtures containing aluminum wiring become increasingly dangerous as time passes. Poor connections cause wiring to overheat, creating a potential fire hazard. In addition to creating a potential fire hazard, […]

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