3 Troubling Signs That You Need A Mold Inspection ASAP

Mold isn’t like a leaky faucet or a broken window. When a faucet drips or a window is no longer keeping the cold air out, the problem is easy to hear and/or see. If you find it easy to ignore the dripping or the draft, you can be sure that you’ll notice the problem when you see your utility bills skyrocket. Mold is silent. It doesn’t make us uncomfortable (right away, at least) and it won’t show up on your power bill. So how do you know if it’s time to schedule home inspection services that include a mold investigation? Here are some warning signs.

Strange Odors

When you walk into your home, is your nose assaulted by a pungent odor? When mold is growing out of site, such as behind wallpaper or in the corners of your basement, it will eventually result in a damp, musty smell that seems very out of place. If you’ve checked the trash can and you’re sure that pets aren’t having an accident, you should probably call a home inspector to determine whether mold is causing the odor.

Puddles Of Water

Mold can’t exist without moisture. So if there’s a place in your home where water is regularly spilled or likes to collect, it could be a sign that mold problems are right around the corner. You should be especially aware of areas of bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room flooring that might be allowing mold to build up right under your feet.

Unexplained Health Problems

One of the last, but unfortunately most severe, signs of a mold infestation is the development of health problems. Mold is quite toxic to both humans and pets, often causing listlessness, sinus congestion or infections, and watery eyes. If you don’t have seasonal allergies, but are still experiencing similar symptoms, mold may be a possible explanation that you’ll want to deal with right away.

Mold doesn’t have to ruin a home –or your health– but it will unless you schedule home inspection services in Denver that know how to spot and eliminate it.

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